alt-J - Hunger Of The Pine (Sampology Remix)

Here’s a remix I’ve made of Alt-J’s new single ‘Hunger Of The Pine’. My Dad is a double bass player and features on this as I wanted to re- record the orchestral parts in the track. Also, my mum did the artwork as well!


It was an absolute honor to be able to play The Operatives 10th Birthday celebration in Melbourne alongside Koreless, Sinjin Hawke, Mark Prichard, Steve Spacek, Sango, Stwo and many more legends. If you’re not familiar with The Operatives guys, check them out, they do great work…

Open the mix in sound cloud for the full track listing.

New 'Hold Onto Your Mind' Mix

I put this mix together to celebrate Levins and my night at GOODGODSMALLCLUB SAT May 31.
When I started putting this mix together it was more about showcasing a bunch of new music I’ve been really liking recently, a lot of which I picked up on my recent travels overseas in record stores as well as the usual online outlets. A few days ago though I heard this track ‘Hold On To Your Mind’ by Andwella which I really loved and wanted to start the whole thing off. So from there that kind of informed the order of the whole mix and all the little recurring samples you’ll notice from Entourage as well as a spoken word record on the dangers of LSD. Enjoy!


There’s been an amazing amount of housey, hiphop-ey, soulful-ey, progressive music I’ve collected recently both online and on vinyl.. as well as some of my own remixes, edits and unreleased originals I’m super excited to test out on this tour. Come say hi if you’re in town for any of these shows, would love to see you on the dance floor.

check out touring for more info.

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