'Birds Of A Feather' Mixtape

This mixtape consists of about 14 originals, depending on where you want to divide up the songs. The songs mostly consist of samples from my record collection but I’ve also included contributions from my musical friends from Brisbane such as Jordan Rakei, Laneous, Tiana Khasi & Sam M & Jessi D from Ultrafantastics. I played a few instruments myself (thanks for letting me borrow your vibraphone Laneous) & sung a tiny little.

So It’s a group of songs, but also flows like a mix mostly. The middle track with Tiana singing is a preview of ‘Thicker Than Water’ which is on my EP ‘Natural Selections’ coming out on Soul Has No Tempo. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting It together.

1. Spinning Vision
2. Collard Greens ft Jordan Rakei
3. Heavens Above
4. Sam II Sam
5. Mystical Night
6. Nina (My Heart Is Breaking) ft Gordan Hamilton
7. Gotta Be Free
8. Water ft Tiana Khasi
9. Footstomp ft Laneous
10. Sunshine All Night
11. Always Be
12. Dreamers ft Ultrafantastics
13. Jazz Cigarettes
14. It’ll All Be Over

If you’d prefer to listen to the tracks separately you can via https://soundcloud.com/sampology/sets/birds-of-a-feather-mixtape

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